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Hardscaping - Retaining Walls, Pavers, Outdoor Living Spaces, and Concrete

Allow the Ashley Landscaping company to beautify your Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area residential or commercial property with any of our hardscape services. Located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, some of our services include retaining walls, walkways, patios, driveways, catch basins, decks and steps, and hardscaping repairs. Building materials for these projects include boulders, precast stone, natural stone, wood, vinyl, brick and concrete. Hardscaping your commercial or residential property has many advantages. These include worry free maintenance, long lasting durability, increased property value, and greater aesthetic appeal. Hardscaping can provide beauty and functionality to your outdoor areas to enjoy your recreation or relaxation. No matter what part of Pittsburgh you are in, call us today for that retaining wall, paver patio, deck or concrete work.
Pittsburgh retaining walls
Pittsburgh Retaining Walls and Landscape

Hardscaping Services
Retaining Walls A retaining wall is used to hold back soil between two different elevations or a structure used to restrain soil on a slope
that it would not naturally keep to. Materials used for a retaining wall include: natural stone (boulders large and small or
square cut barn stone), precast stone (segmented retaining wall systems pinned or unpinned), wood (railroad ties or
landscape timbers), gabion walls (steel baskets filled with larger rock), and concrete.
Brands we use include Versa-Lok, Unilock, Techo-Bloc, Belgard, EP Henry, Keystone, Recon jumbo block.
Pavers Pavers, or interlocking pavers, are made from concrete or cement and used to simulate the look of cobblestone roadways,
pathways, walks, and etc.. and used in place of concrete, asphalt or brick. Pavers are 'interlocked' between pavers with
sand or polymeric sand. The poly sand gives pavers much more flexibility and does not eventually crack like concrete
and asphalt. Paver repairs usually consist of a few pavers, rather than large areas like concrete or asphalt. Pavers come
in many different colors, shapes or sizes, giving you an unlimited combination of color and patterns.
We install paver patios, walks, driveways, or as edging on landscape beds, or concrete walks, patios and driveway borders.
Precast stone types we use include: Omni-Stone, Unilock, Techo-Bloc, Belgard, EP Henry, and Keystone.
Concrete Concrete is made from a mixture which can contain gravel or stone, sand, water and cement. We provide services to
remove concrete, repair portions of existing concrete, and pour entirely new concrete areas.
Ashley Landscaping installs concrete patios, sidewalks, stairs, and driveways in standard concrete.
We also install stamped or dyed concrete, which can have an unlimited number of pattern and color combinations customized
to fit any of your needs.
Water Features Water Features include ponds, streams, waterfalls, and fountains to compliment your new or existing garden and landscape
areas. Water features are used to increase home value, curb appeal, or to reduce background noise in your outdoor area by
overpowering that outdoor noise. Streams may be dry creek beds, or have flowing water. Waterfalls may have a pond at the bottom,
or be pond-less, where the water is collected and recirculated from an underground pit or tank.
Outdoor Living Area Bring the indoors outside with an outdoor living area. Outdoor living areas can be as simple as a grill and outdoor bar, or a
complete outdoor kitchen. Outdoor living spaces include an unlimited number of combinations whether you plan on using
this space for relaxing or entertaining. An outdoor living space can contain any of the following: Seating built into a
surrounding retaining wall, granite or stone counter tops, stove tops, grills, ovens, seating areas, landscape lighting, fire pits,
refrigerators, and many other things integrated into your existing or new hardscape area.
Other Services
Outdoor Lighting, Decks (treated wood or composite decking (such as Trex)), Fencing (wood, aluminum or vinyl), Fire Pits, Gabion Blankets, Flagstone

Pittsburgh retaining wall
Retaining Wall
retaining walls
Large Wall
gabion baskets
Gabion Wall
Pittsburgh patio and walls
Outdoor Patio
Pittsburgh paver steps
Pavers, Steps, Wall
retaining wall Pittsburgh
Concrete and Wall
Pittsburgh paver patio
Paver Patio
Pittsburgh concrete steps
Concrete Steps
Pittsburgh versa-lok wall
Wall Excavation
Pittsburgh paver walkway
Pittsburgh retaining wall excavation
Patio and Border
Pittsburgh retaining wall and fence
Fence and Wall
Pittsburgh paver patio
Cast Stone Wall & Steps
Pittsburgh concrete steps
Grading and Wall
Pittsburgh versa-lok wall
Stamped Concrete
Pittsburgh paver walkway
Planting and Wall
Pittsburgh retaining wall excavation
Two Tier Wall
Pittsburgh retaining wall and fence
Jumbo Wall Block
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