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Landscaping - Maintenance, Planting, Cleanups, Mulching, and Design

We offer many landscape services, to provide our customers the benefit of having to deal with one construction contractor for their complete landscape services management. Whether your property needs a bed of annuals, planting beds mulched and edged, a cleanup and shrub trimming, or an entirely new landscape designed, we can help. Feel free to contact us by phone, or the contact form and allow us to manage and design your home or business landscaping project.
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The Ashley Landscaping company services many residential and commercial properties throughout the North Hills of Pittsburgh PA. We welcome jobs large or small, weekly or annual. When combined with our excavation, lawn service, hardscape, or power washing services, we can save you even more time not having to search for several landscape construction contractors, and making your Pittsburgh area outdoor landscaping project much less hassle and stress free.

Landscaping Services
Mulching Mulching is a protective covering in your landscape beds, and will increase the fertility and health of the soil beneath. Mulching
reduces evaporation which help keeps the soil from drying out, helps maintain temperature, prevents erosion, reduces weed
growth, and enhances the appearance of the area. Types of mulch we apply are: hardwood mulch, mushroom manure,
rubber mulch, river rock, gravel and pea gravel. Many mulch is available in different colors and sizes depending on your
Edging Edging is the process of creating a border between your lawn and your landscape beds, garden,driveway, patio, or walkways.
We can edge your landscape beds with a shovel, which creates a small trench between the beds and other lawn and hardscape
areas. Also, we can edge along patios, walks, and driveways with a thin cut, which removes only the lawn materials protruding
over the hardscape or landscape bed edges.
Planting Allow us to do all of your outdoor planting. Though spring and fall tend to be more ideal times for planting, we can plant any
time. Whether its a few flats of annuals, a hedge row, a property border of evergreens, or adding a few plants for astetics,
we can accomodate jobs large and small. If you desire four season color or attractiveness, blooming plants from spring
through fall, or just a basic update, give us a call.
Landscape Design Landscape design is the process of arranging or modifying the features of a yard, an urban area, etc., for aesthetic or practical
reasons. Landscape Design can basically be categorized as hardscape (inanimate objects such as: walls, concrete, patios,
decks, etc.) or softscape (living or animate objects such as: gardens, plants, flowers, soil, etc.). Our landscape design
consists of: 1. Meeting the customer, 2. Understanding the customers needs, wants and concerns, 3. Adding suggestions to the
customer which may be of interest, 4. Presenting a detailed written estimate, with drawnings, images and web links if needed,
so both the customer and Ashley Landscaping know and understand exactly how the project will turn out.
Cleanups Ashley Landscaping provides cleanups any time of the year. We can provide services for spring cleanups, fall cleanups, and
everything in between. Cleanups can consist of removing old plant growth, leaves, old mulch, branches, sticks, or practically
anything else which diminishes the curb appeal of your home or business.
Trimming Trimming(similar to pruning) is the removal of plant parts such as roots, buds and branches. Trimming is done to remove dead
branches or old growth, shaping to present a more pleasing look, remove diseased or damaged areas of the plant, and to
generally increase the health of the plant.
Other Services
Brush Clearing , Plant Removal , small Tree Removal , Lot Clearing, Weekly Landscape Maintenance and Monthly Landscape Maintenance.

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Mulching, Planting, Hardscapes, Power Washing, French Drains, Concrete, and Mowing in these areas around Pittsburgh:
Ross (15229) Wexford (15090) Allison Park (15101) McCandless (15237) Cranberry (16066) Gibsonia (15044)
Shaler (15209) Franklin Park (15143) Sewickley (15143) Bellevue (15202) Fox Chapel (15238) O'Hara (15215)
Marshall (15086) Mars (16046) General Pittsburgh Area Glenshaw (15116) Valencia (16059)