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Landscape Construction Contractor in Pittsburgh PA

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Excavating - Grading, French Drains, Slides, Footers, Retention Ponds

With locations in Cranberry and the North Hills, Ashley Landscaping has the experience and know-how to meet all of your Pittsburgh PA area excavating company needs. If you need an interior or exterior french drain, a landslide project completed, a footer dug, a gabion wall, catch basins installed or repaired, or one of our many excavation contractor services, we are here to provide you with top quality excavating work at an affordable price. We approach all construction projects, regardless of size, residential or commercial, with the same professionalism and excellence. All of our work is guaranteed, done above and beyond our customers satisfaction, and completed in a timely manner.
Pittsburgh excavation and drain
Drainage / Excavation

Excavation Services
French Drains A French drain is a sloped trench filled with gravel and often a perforated pipe and filtration fabric used to carry water away
from your building, garden area, or low lying yard area. We provide drainage installation service in almost any situation at
your home or business.
Grading Large or small areas prepped for sod, seed, or any other situation. We can also bring in fill and grade low lying areas to
your desired specs.
Footers Footers dug to your desired building specifications and debris hauled out if required.
Lot Clearing Land clearing of trees, stumps and other vegetation overgrowth on your lot, hillside, or anywhere else you may need.
Underground Utility Sewer, electric, gas or water line trenches dug on existing properties or new construction.
Retention Ponds Clearing and cleaning around and inside of retention ponds.
Landslide Projects We can clear away the debris as the results of landslides, or potential landslides as determined by an engineer. Grading,
retaining walls, gabion blankets, plantings or anything else specified can also be installed during the landslide project.
Percolation Test Holes Used to determine the absorption rate of soil, allow us to dig your perc test holes and ready them for testing.
Other Services
Other services may be available upon request

Pittsburgh gabion wall
Cranberry Excavating / Gabion
Pittsburgh gabion basket
Gabion Basket Wall
Pittsburgh large retaining wall
Large Wall Excavation
Pittsburgh excavation
Pittsburgh Excavating
We perform many excavation services, if your service isn't listed, feel free to contact us.
Mulching, Planting, Hardscapes, Power Washing, French Drains, Concrete, and Mowing in these areas around Pittsburgh:
Ross (15229) Wexford (15090) Allison Park (15101) McCandless (15237) Cranberry (16066) Gibsonia (15044)
Shaler (15209) Franklin Park (15143) Sewickley (15143) Bellevue (15202) Fox Chapel (15238) O'Hara (15215)
Marshall (15086) Mars (16046) General Pittsburgh Area Glenshaw (15116) Valencia (16059)