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Landscape Construction Contractor in Pittsburgh PA
Ashley Landscaping Company

Franklin Park PA (15143) - Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Pavers, Mowing, Concrete, Excavation.

Includes areas of:
Franklin Park 15143
Sewickley 15143
McCandless 15237
Ohio Twp 15237
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Landscaping - Trimming, Cleanups, Design, Mulching

We offer many landscape contractor services to provide our Franklin Park area residential or commercial customers the benefit of having to deal with one company for their complete landscaping project management. Whether your property needs mulching and edging, a bed or flats of annuals planted, or an entirely new landscape, our company can help. When combined with our excavation, lawn service, hardscape, or pressure washing services, we can save you even more time not having to search for several construction contractors, and making your outdoor project much less hassle and stress free. No matter what type of service or design you require, give us a call.
Landscape Services
Landscape Design - A complete removal of your backyard landscape and a new landscaping layout to your desired look, or a few plants added to
screen your new patio, let us help you combine any of our services and help beautify your existing or new outdoor areas.
Planting - Trees, shrubs, perennials or annuals planted in any quantities throughout your landscape. This includes hillsides, ground-cover, evergreens down
the property line, bushes and perennials planted for an attractive look, color, or bloom in all 4 seasons.
Trimming - We can trim small trees, all of your shrubs, entire hedge rows, or cut down your perennials and ornamental grasses before the winter season.
Cleanups - Allow us to give your backyard that fresh look in the spring, a fall cleanup throughout your entire landscape, or just a general cleanup any time.
Mulching - We can mulch your home or business in any available color of hardwood mulch, gravel, river rock, or rubber mulch.
Brush Clearing - Brush clearing done on hillsides, fields, empty lots, or any other area you desire.
Plant Removal - Small trees, shrubbery, garden removal, perennial flower bed, or an entire landscape removed.

If you do not see your desired landscaping service listed, give us a call

Landscape Install Landscaping Design Landscape Design Landscape Hillside Landscape Mulch and Plantings Water Feature Landscaping Landscape service
Mulch and Stone Plantings Hillside Landscaping Hill Groundcover Mulching Landscape & Falls Plantings

Hardscaping - Retaining Walls, Decks, Pavers, Gabions, Concrete

Allow the Ashley Landscaping company to beautify your Franklin Park area residential or commercial property with any of our hardscape contractor services. These hardscaping services include retaining wall installations, walkways, patios / pavers, driveways, decks and steps. Building materials for these projects include boulders, precast stone, natural stone, brick, wood, vinyl, composite, and concrete.

Hardscaping your commercial or residential property has many advantages. These include worry free maintenance, long lasting durability, increased property value, and greater aesthetic appeal. Hardscaping can provide beauty and functionality to your outdoor areas to enjoy your recreation or relaxation. Call us today for that retaining wall, paver patio, deck or concrete work free estimate.
Hardscape Services
Retaining Walls - We install many different types retaining wall systems. We build residential or commercial retaining walls from railroad ties,
landscape timbers, natural stone boulders large and small, gabion baskets, or precast stone block. Precast stone types include Versa-Lok,
Unilock, Techo-Bloc, Belgard, EP Henry, Keystone, Recon jumbo block, or any other type upon request.
Patios - Paver, flagstone, brick, or concrete patios and walkways installed. These can be done natural flagstone, concrete, or precast interlocking
paver stone. Precast stone types include Omni-Stone, Unilock, Techo-Bloc, Belgard, EP Henry, Keystone, or any other type upon request.
Concrete - We remove and install concrete. Standard concrete, fiber or metal reinforced concrete, or stamped and dyed concrete installed to your
Water Features - Water features include dry river beds, fountains, waterfalls, pond-less waterfalls, ponds and more.
Outdoor Kitchens - Add function and flare to your outdoor living area. Outdoor space amenities include fire pits, grills, sitting areas and bars.
Decks - Decks, railings and stairs built in composite (such as Trex) or wood.
Fences - Wood, aluminum, vinyl, or steel fences installed. Privacy fencing, split rail, perimeter fencing, and any others you prefer.

Other services include catch basins, ditches, sheds, gazebos, gabion blankets, landscape lighting.

North Hills Walls Pittsburgh Wall Pillars Allison Park 15101 Wall Ross Patio Paver Allison Park 15101 Hardscape Pittsburgh Drainage Sewickley Small Paver Patio
Retaining Walls Pillars and Steps Large Wall Pavers, Bar, Wall Steps and Wall Wall Drainage Patio Addition
Pittsburgh Gabion Project North Hills Walls Allison Park 15101 Retaining Walls Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh Gabion Basket North Park Allison Park 15101 Fence and Pillar Outdoor Living Area
Gabion Wall Driveway Walls Large Patio Walls Concrete and Wall Gabion Filling Cast Stone + Steps Concrete Steps
Pittsburgh Gabion Project North Hills Walls Allison Park 15101 Retaining Walls Concrete Contractor Pittsburgh Gabion Basket North Park Allison Park 15101 Fence and Pillar Outdoor Living Area
Two Tier Wall Wall & Planting Grading & Walls Fence and Wall Stamped Concrete Jumbo Wall Block Paver Patio & Border

Excavating - Grading, Footers, Slides, French Drains, Lot Clearing

The Ashley Landscaping Company has the experience and know-how to meet all of excavating needs in the Franklin Park area. If you need land cleared, a landslide project completed, French drain installation, a footer dug, a gabion wall or one of our many excavation contractor services, we are here to provide you with top quality excavating work at an affordable price. We approach all construction projects, regardless of size, residential or commercial, with the same professionalism and excellence. All of our work is guaranteed, done above and beyond our customers satisfaction, and completed in a timely manner.
Excavating Services
French Drains - A French drain is a sloped trench filled with gravel and often a perforated pipe and filtration fabric used to carry water away from your
building, garden area, or low lying yard area. We provide drainage installation service in almost any situation at your home or business.
Footers - Footers dug to your desired building specifications and debris hauled out if required.
Lot Clearing - Land clearing of trees, stumps and other vegetation overgrowth on your lot, hillside, or anywhere else you may need.
Underground Utility - Sewer, electric, gas or water line trenches dug on existing properties or new construction.
Landslide Projects - We can clear away the debris as the results of landslides, or potential landslides as determined by an engineer. Grading,
retaining walls, gabion blankets, plantings or anything else specified can also be installed during the landslide project.
Percolation Test Holes - Used to determine the absorption rate of soil, allow us to dig your perc test holes in just about any loction.
Retention Ponds - Clearing and cleaning around and inside of retention ponds.
Grading - Large or small areas prepped for sod, seed, or any other situation. We can also bring in fill and grade low lying areas to your desired specs.

If you do not see your desired landscaping service listed, give us a call

Pittsburgh Excavation Excavating North Hills Gibsonia Slide Project Allison Park 15101 Gabion North Hills Contractor

Pressure Washing - Decks, Walks, Store Fronts, Homes, Patios

Power washing (pressure washing) greatly increases your Franklin Park area home or businesses appeal, thus increasing its livability and value. Over time, exposure to rain, ultraviolet light, mold, and mildew, among other things, causes your buildings exterior to oxidize and deteriorate. A clean apartment complex or business front gives your residents or customers a clean, more inviting first impression. Power washing service at regular intervals greatly reduces and prevents this damage, beautifying your commercial or residential property, and increasing its longevity.

Our power washing service uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, and will not damage any of your exterior landscape, furniture, hardscape, or etc.. With affordable rates, reliable service, and quality results, allow us to add greater curb appeal to your property. If your Allison Park area business needs walks cleaned, your home needs an awning cleaned, or your entire building needs washed, Ashley Landscaping is the pressure washing contractor to call.
Allison Park 15101 Pressure Washing
Power Washing Services

Power Washing - Residential or commercial pressure washing services. Areas include walks, driveways, business fronts, decks, homes, dumpster areas, etc..

Power Washing Pittsburgh

If you do not see your desired residential or commercial pressure washing service listed, give us a call Gibsonia Power Washing

Lawn Service - Mowing, Repairs, Aeration, Dethatching, Sod

Ashley Landscaping is a professional lawn service company, servicing the Franklin Park area. We are a small company focused on providing our residential and commercial customers with quality work, customer service like no other, and all at an affordable price. With over 20 years experience servicing and managing our customers lawn care and landscape throughout the area, we have the experience to service your property above and beyond your expectations. From residential grass mowing, to installing sod, a weekly commercial maintenance program, spring dethatching and overseeding, or any of our other services below, contact the Ashley Landscaping company.
Lawn Services
Lawn Mowing - Weekly residential and commercial grass cutting service at your home or business. We can also design a weekly maintenance program,
to include additional services such as debris pickup, edging, and weed removal.
Aeration - Core aeration is the process of perforating the soil with small holes to allow nutrients, water and air to penetrate to the grass roots. We
provide spring and fall aeration service.
Dethatching - Dethatching is the process of removing built up organic matter at the soil surface and subsurface. Removing this thatch helps remove
horizontal weed growth, encourages grass to grow thicker, and allows nutrients and water to get to your lawn root zone easier. Dethatching your lawn
increases your lawns health and helps it better resist diseases.
Sod - Get an instant lawn at your home or business. We remove any existing lawn areas, topsoil and grade the area, and install the sod. Sod installations
available on lawns old or new.
Lawn Installations - Allow us to install that new lawn at your home or business. If required, we remove the bad lawn areas, grade the area, topsoil the
areas requiring it, seed the repaired areas, and cover the area with peat moss or straw. We also do lawn repairs of smaller lawn areas.

If you do not see your desired lawn service listed, give us a call

About Franklin Park
Franklin Park is a growing community located northwest of Pittsburgh in the North Hills area of Allegheny County. Franklin Park is located at (40.590459, -80.092046). Franklin Park is a still growing suburban Pittsburgh community of just over 13,000 residents that is served by the Wexford 15090, Pittsburgh 15237 and Sewickley 15243 post offices. The municipalities of Marshall, Pine, McCandless, Ross, Ohio, Sewickley Hills and Bell Acres in Allegheny County, and Economy in Beaver County, surround it. Covering 13.5 square miles of land area and with a population of approximately 14,000, Franklin Park has many assets. The Borough has a highly educated workforce, good schools and a superb quality of life. With quick access to the interstate highway system Franklin Park Borough is within easy reach of the region's retail centers, world-class universities, hospitals, cultural and recreational facilities. Information obtained from the Franklin Park Wiki and Franklin Park Borough pages.